Pages & Co.: Tilly and the Lost Fairy Tales: by Anna James

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Pages & Co.: Tilly and the Lost Fairy Tales

Pages and Co

EDITED BY: Anna James

This is an exciting book about travelling and magical adventures between books.

Tilly is a very special girl with book wandering abilities, a power that runs in her family.

She likes to go into fairy tales with her friend Oskar and meet characters like Little red riding hood and Prince Charming. But suddenly problems start to occur and everything goes cuckoo bananas. With the characters and places in the tales getting all mixed up. Tilly and Oskar will have to work out how to fix the situation and set the fairy tales back to their usual state.

This book is the second of the Pages and Co trilogy, and I recommend you read the first book Tilly and the Bookwanderers before this one. I have enjoyed this book very much and is filled with magic, fantasy, and excitement.

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Reviewed by Isabella, age 10


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