The House of Hidden Wonders by Sharon Gosling

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The House of Hidden Wonders

The House of Hidden Wonders

EDITED BY: Sharon Gosling

The House of Hidden Wonders is a truly great book. It’s full of mystery, you can’t stop reading it!

Zinnie is the main character and she is very clever!

She lives with her two sisters in very poor conditions in an underground place in the centre of Edinburgh, filled with many other people.

It’s lovely how the author Sharon Gosling made the sisters so close while being so poor.

The story is set in Edinburgh and is really enjoyable as it feels like you’re on a trip to the city and learning about the history of the place, for example, Mary Kings Close, Arthur Conan Doyle, and many more!

In this awesome story, Zinnie meets a series of very interesting characters and even a ghost. She will need to solve some mysteries but in the end, she will be rewarded with a whole new and better life!

Overall, an awesome book! I would definitely recommend.

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Reviewed by Isabella, age 10


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