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Becoming by Michelle Obama


Millions of essays could be written on this autobiography, and still not be able to do it justice. In this book, former First Lady, Michelle Obama, writes about her upbringing, finding love, and being a mother (very fittingly, the story is split into three parts: Becoming Me, Becoming Us, Becoming More). Of course, her experience as First Lady plays a huge role in her story, but Michelle’s book emphasises that there is so much more to her life than the presidency- often it is the things that can’t be found in newspaper articles or on a spreadsheet that matter the most. This personal insight into such an extraordinary life is a true privilege.

Michelle Obama’s writing is so genuine, and she speaks amazingly well on important issues such as feminism, racial equality, gun control in America- the list goes on. As this version is adapted for younger readers, I think any young adult could read this book and find it both inspiring and informative. Almost everyone has at one point faced at least one of the struggles that is dealt with in the text, which is what makes it such a relevant and powerful story from a very relevant and powerful woman.

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Reviewed by Josie

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