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Fear Street

Fear Street


“Fear street” is an amazing book by R.L.Stine, the title may not appeal to some people but it’s a great read. When this book first came through the door I thought that I would not enjoy it because the title sounded a bit off putting and dull, but I soon discovered it was quite the opposite. I found out that it was a very readable book. The book consists of four shorter stories all with a mysterious theme based around a fictional place called Fear Street.

There are different characters in each story. The different stories are more of a murder mystery type of story than a horror story. The first story features a main character called Cory Brooks who makes friends with a mysterious new girl, only to find out a dark secret. The second story’s main character is called Meg Dalton and her friend was killed in the Fear Street Wood under unknown circumstances but as she plans to throw a surprise party for another friend odd things start happening. The third story is about Della O’Connor who is part of an outdoor club and goes to Fear Island with them where she meets a mysterious strange. The fourth and final story is about Mark and Cara, whose parents go missing and the person staying in their house starts acting very strangely as yet more mysteries unfold and they get tangled up in a world of chaos.

This book has some good and some not so good parts in it but overall it is a great book with a satisfying end to all the stories. I mostly enjoyed the mysteries and murder mysterys, which were good at holding my attention.

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Reviewed by Finley

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