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The Island Home

When Life Gives You Mangoes

By Libby Page

“The Island Home” by Libby Page is a heartening new book from the Sunday Times bestselling author of “The Lido” and “The 24-hour Cafe”. Narrated in the first person, “The Island Home” tells the story of Lorna Irvine who, at 18 years old, left the Hebridean Island of Kip behind to start a new life in London. The book begins twenty-two years later when Lorna and her 13-year old daughter, Ella, return to the island for Lorna’s parents' funeral. After so many years can Lorna finally reconcile with her brother, or even call Kip home?

What really makes this book is the characters, a tight-knit group of islanders who Page writes to be charmingly genuine. The exploration of Lorna and Ella’s relationship is interesting, as Lorna is forced to come to terms with her teenage daughter’s growing independence and maturity. The book tastefully represents the struggles of family and the inevitable frailty of island communities in a modern world, in an uplifting and hopeful tale of family and friendship.

Reviewed by Josie

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