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The Tindims And The Ten Green Bottles

The Tindims And The Ten Green Bottles

By: Sally Gardner And Lydia Corry

The Tindims are a group of recycled characters made from things like plastic and they live on Rubbish Island. They believe that the rubbish from long legs (which is us humans) is their treasure and they make their island from it. The story is about the Tindims adventure to find 10 green glass bottles to make a bottlerama which is a musical instrument. They find it difficult to find glass bottles as the long legs are using more plastic.

The things I liked in the book where the characters who all had fun names like Broom and Captain Spoons. I really liked all the drawings in the book. There is pretty much a picture on every page which makes it easier to read. It’s a good book to take turns reading a page so you can look at the pictures too.

In the book every chapter has a little summary at the beginning. I liked that is it was useful to remember what was going on. The pictures give you lots of ideas of things you could make from recycled rubbish from around your home. You could even make your own Tindims character. I recommend this book to read because it’s a great story.

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Reviewed by Lewis

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