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Brothers of the Wind

Brothers of the Wind

BY: Tad Williams

Brothers of the Wind was a challenging book because the author is mimicking an old formal style of writing which sets the pace at a slower rate. Combine this with the complex names of the characters and it means you need to set aside a chunk of reading time to absorb the tale. Despite this the book is worth reading.

Brothers of the Wind is set in a world where there are 3 different dominant races, the immortal Zida’ya, the Tinukeda’ya and the humans. A black worm has come out of the north and killed all of the life in a valley. When the Zida’ya prince Ineluki makes an Oath to kill the beast Pamon Kes, a loyal Tinukeda’ya servant gets dragged along too. The story is told through Pamon Kes’s eyes.

The author has worked hard at trying to create a different world by using lots of fictional names which makes the pace of the book slow. Although there is an appendix at the back to reference the names, checking it interrupts the flow of the story. This aside I found the story quite captivating and with a surprise twist at the end that the author had been hinting at throughout the book.

Reviewed by Finlay

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