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Ghost Wall by Sarah Moss

Ghost Wall By Sarah Moss

In rural Northumbria Silvie and her family are living as if they are ancient Britons, joining an anthropology course set to re-enact life in simpler times. As Silvie finds a glimpse of new freedoms with the professor's students, her relationship with her overbearing father begins to deteriorate, until the haunting rites of the past begin to bleed into the present.

Do not underestimate this book. Contained in this short novel are a multitude of layers seeking to explore the relationship between abuse, power and most importantly, how we view and use the past. The result of these finely woven layers is a dark, unnerving, and powerful story.

Moss lures the reader in with the prospect of history and folklore while feeding the reader with honest and realistic characters, especially Silvie. She adds the menace of an oppressive end-of-summer heat and an unbelievable ending to create one of the most interesting novels of 2019.

Reviewed by Kelsey Ward

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