The Broken Raven By Joseph Elliott

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The Broken Raven By Joseph Elliott

The Broken Raven

BY: Joseph Elliott

The Broken Raven is the sequel to The Good Hawk, a novel by Joseph Elliott that is set in an olden-time Scotland. The story follows characters Agatha and Jaime, and also introduces the viewpoint of a new character- Sigrid. A combination of the engaging first-person narrative, and a very fast-paced plot, make it a page-turner- almost impossible to put down. Another aspect of the book, is the diversity in the characters. It represents people with disabilities, and the LGBTQ+ community very well- addressing the difficulties that these characters face, while managing to keep the full depth of their personalities and individual stories.

Anyone who enjoyed The Good Hawk should definitely read this book, it is a gripping sequel.

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Reviewed by Josie, age 15


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